Rustic Series Star 2" Clavos Nail Studs in a (Pack of 12)

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Offering a great star design in this 2" Star Clavos Nail Stud, zinc cast with a black finish.

These are not screws and are not designed for steel or metal doors. Nail studs are sold in packs of 12. Studs are designed for solid wood applications, not metal door use. If installed on solid wood garage doors, you should install it with adhesive, sold separately (not on this website) by your local hardware store below. Wood garage doors tend to move, and wood can expand with weather conditions. Adding adhesives will help hold nailed studs since the nails have a smooth texture vs screws.

We offer a ring of color samples for purchase on our site.

These can be used for decorative projects such as gates, shutters, fences, doors, or interior projects. If installing on movable wood surfaces such as a solid wood door, you should add adhesive to prevent it from working loose over time.

Adhesives: We recommend Loctite because it works, and they offer a product to meet your geographical area and project. Adhesive is NOT SUPPLIED but can be purchased at your local hardware store.

The adhesive should be designed for the materials you're installing to an exterior or interior grade. 
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