Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. All hardware is shipped via "Free Shipping" to all states within the continental United States unless noted. We will send to state-side US-based brokers for our Canadian buyers. We will not process any paperwork, or accept returns, and damages will be the brokers' responsibility, not of GDHD, its suppliers, or shippers. Please get in touch with us before ordering. Any orders canceled by brokerage houses will not be refunded due to the cost of processing and returning orders.
  2. All orders shipped this method will have special quoted pricing and terms, with pricing not found online. If you are interested in ordering this way, don't hesitate to contact us BEFORE attempting to place an order. This applies to Canadian orders with US-based brokerage houses. Again, we only ship to other locations in the continental US.  
  3. Upon receiving your order, it is your responsibility to do the following:
    1. Report any missing parts or pieces. If damage occurs, we need to report it to the carrier. DO NOT WAIT. You have 48 hours to note any lost or damaged hardware-NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. Please take photos of the condition of your hardware received and the damaged or missing pieces. We need this to ensure we send you the missing parts for our claim.


  1. All US-based APPROVED returns require pre-approval and are subject to a 20% restock charge with a $9.75 minimum charge- no exceptions. 
    1. Returns must be reported within 20 days of receiving your order. No exceptions. You have 48 hours to note any lost or damaged hardware, so please open your hardware box if you suspect damage. 
  2.  You have 20 days to request a return of your order. All orders have a restocking fee of at least $9.75 up to 20% if approved.
  3. Special Order Returns: (IF APPROVED). Many custom color finishes, special quotes, and installed or opened packages are non-returnable since these are non-stocked. Special order colors are not stocked and ordered directly from our vendor. If the vendor approves the return, there is a minimum return fee of at least $9.75 or 20%. Customers are responsible for all handling, shipping, and insurance if selected for the return. Any missing, damaged or lost pieces will not be credited nor shipped back to the person returning the order.    
  4. Contact us for more details before ordering if you do not agree to these business terms. Each piece of approved hardware returns must be hand inspected for any damage caused in return shipping or handling.


    1. Please send us a photo of your door. We offer free estimates, will provide you with hardware options, and will make sure you have hardware designed for your door.
    2. Order a color chip from us and see if the custom color matches your home in natural light. It is nearly impossible to tell online. Ordering color chips is an inexpensive way to check a custom color finish for your home. You now have a sample for other accessories to order from –lighting, appliances, Etc.
    3. Try using painter's tape on your door cut to the size of the hardware you are thinking of purchasing. Ensure you do not place it over section joints where the door panels meet or interfere with the door's weather seal. People refer to this as “Curb Appeal.” Once you find the look, snap a photo, and if you have any questions, send it to us for help.
  2. So please measure and check your order and hardware upon receipt for completion, damage, and size/fitThis is your responsibilityPLEASE, do not wait months before you notify us of any product issues or tell us the hardware you ordered, received in March, does fit your door in July. The vendor will not accept your return. It is your responsibility to check the items you have ordered.
  3. We cannot accept your products back; NOR, can we file a claim on your behalf for damages of damages in shipping as all major carriers also have time limits regarding filing damage claims.
  4. CLEARANCE ITEMS:  Clearance items sold from our site are clearance items without warranty and non-returnable UNLESS damaged in transit. That being said, our damages have been less than .1% of our total sales in the past 22 years. Therefore, we MUST BE NOTIFIED WITHIN 48 (TWENTY-FOUR HOURS) of any damages to your order from the shipper. Since the product is sold "as is," there is no return of the product unless it was physically damaged during shipping and noted during delivery or within the time period of 24 hours. In other words, minor marks, scratches, etc., are NOT considered a defect.
  5. We will request photos of any damage in filing our claims with carriers and the return of merchandise at our expense. We will not resent out any replacement orders on clearance items. Any defective items will be refunded once approved by the shipper.

Again, we are not Amazon; we are a small, CUSTOM HARDWARE SHOP offering some of the finest custom-finished products in the hardware industry. Unfortunately, these cannot be "touched up" with paint. Suppose the product has been damaged-scratched, or chipped. In that case, it has to be refinished entirely, a very costly & timely expense we try to avoid. We often donate the items to the local Habit for Humanity Project as an alternative. Still, we try not to make this a habit, so please, check your order upon receiving it. 

If your Return is Approved:

  1. Any approved return must be in new condition, uninstalled condition, returned in the same-undamaged packaging, and complete with all fasteners, with no exceptions. 
  2. Make sure to list the return authorization number outside your box to get proper credit. Also, include a copy of the return authorization. Return with missing or damaged hardware will not be credited or returned.               

Hardware Use: 

  1. All hardware is for decorative use only and does not provide security or a method of opening, closing, or securing any door or other application. Nor is it been tested, researched, or designed by Garage Door Hardware Direct to meet any universal, municipal, county, or state building, hurricane, or other safety codes.
  2. Installation and use are by owner/installer's choice, and they assume all responsibility for this product's care and handling. Contact your door's manufacturer or local garage Door Company for details if you need working or locking hardware to secure your door.
  3. The customer assumes all risks in handling, installing, or using all products that GDHD and its vendors sell. GDHD is not responsible for damages, injuries, or installation costs of any products sold. If you do not have experience in handling, are uncomfortable in handling and/or do not own basic hand tools, we do offer a magnetic line of decorative hardware, which requires no tools to install. (For metal door surfaces only). OR can provide you with door industry websites of garage door companies in your area that can install your hardware professionally for an added fee. We do not set those fees; you will need to discuss any costs with them. We make no recommendation to any one particular door company or brand.
  4. Color Options: We offer five powder-coated color finishing options on most metal, iron, or aluminum hardware. These products may incur extended lead times due to the custom finishing process and customer demand since we cannot determine when a customer decides to place an order. Also, returns of these products are limited since they are special orders and non-stocked items. Please ask for help if you're concerned when ordering.
  5. Do You "Hold" Orders? We do not "Hold" orders or products not paid for in full. All products are sold and processed on a "first paid-first out" basis. Inventory listed on the website can change by the minute since we need a method to track whom or what customers will place orders for since they arrive 24/7 from around the country and overseas. 
  6. We may have an item in stock in the morning and be out of stock an hour later. We apologize for this inconvenience and do our best to keep a large inventory of goods. If you want a product, it is best to place & pay for your order immediately, do not wait. Hardware sales often follow building and remodeling trends, so order as much in advance as possible to avoid delays. An order is considered complete once it's paid in full. Orders placed for custom finished goods and canceled once production has begun could be subject to restocking charges.
  7. What is the right hardware choice? If you are still determining the hardware you like will work on your door, contact us BEFORE. We cannot accept returns on previously installed, missing, or damaged products. All hardware has a restocking fee. Magnetic hardware is available in black finish color industrial strength plastic only.
  8. Not sure if you have the experience or time to install it? Suppose you need installation help or need more time. In that case, you can visit, the garage door industry website, to find a professional dealer in your area. These door companies have experience installing decorative hardware and door & opener repair. The customer assumes all responsibility for doing so. We cannot guarantee any particular dealer, services, and control pricing they will charge to install hardware. You are responsible for any problems that arise from hiring an outside company to install your hardware. Please check references and get multiple bids should you decide to hire someone if you have any concerns.

Product Discounts for Armed Services, Police, and Fire: 

  1. We offer a discount of 5% to Police, Military, EMT & Fire personnel. Thank you all for your service to our country! However, you must contact us before ordering. Discounts are NOT offered on custom quoted, discounted/clearance, or previously paid orders.

What is "powder coating"?

  1. We powder coat our products to help resist the weather. It's the same process your appliances go through. We also powder coat our stainless steel screw heads. The finish does not come off the fasteners when applied using the Powder Coating method. Most Big Box Retailers use painted sheet metal screws on zinc-coated screws. This can lead to streaking and the finish coming off when you tighten down the screw heads. Our fasteners are made exclusively for our products and are not sold at retailers.


  1. If installing Iron or Rustic Series Hardware and strap hinges over 16" in length, you must add exterior grade adhesive (not supplied) to the back of your hardware IF installing on a metal door surface. The adhesive is optional on solid wood doors. Adhesive will help hold the hardware in place and prevent it from becoming loose during the door operation-moving up and downward. It will also help if someone should try to pull or lift on your handles or a child playing in the driveway strikes it with a ball or puck. 
  2. We recommend Loctite brand adhesive, sold at your local hardware store. Any installation is the responsibility of the owner, installer or customer. A small amount of adhesive is required. It should also be designed for your geographical weather conditions and the materials you are applying it to, i.e., Steel to Steel
  3. Due to shipping restrictions and the need to know the final location or door materials, we cannot ship or sell adhesives.

Where to place my hardware? 

  1. Customers will often ask, "Where do I install our hardware?" While there is no industry standard for decorative hardware placement. It's a personal choice. However, doors can look "unbalanced" if placed off-centered. Most manufacturers apply strap hinges to the corners of doors and center the handles or door rings on the center vertical door stile or flat area in the center of doors. The "stile" can be the flat area between the square panel areas if your door has metal panel designs on the outside or the center trim board if your door is a carriage house door design.
  2. The critical thing to remember is to ensure the hardware does not interfere with the operation of your door or is applied across door panels as well as it is for decorative use only. We show examples of decorative hardware in our photo gallery. You can contact us for help by sending us a photo of your door. It is best to send us a photo BEFORE ordering. This way, you do not order hardware that will not fit on your door. Design help is a free service.

Our tip to help you decide what decorative hardware would look like on your door.


  1. You will need a roll of blue or bright green painter's tape in a thinner width to use as your "faux hardware" for measuring.
  2. Take the measurements of the hardware you want to order or install; if you already have, install it. If you need to know, contact us. The most common length of strap hinges is 16" with a width of 2" door rings, or pull handle sizes can vary from 4-1/2" to 14" in length.
  3. Cut the tape to the lengths of the products you want to purchase or if you have purchased.
  4. Apply the cut tape lengths to the locations you would like your hardware to be placed. Make sure there is room for both the width & height of your product, and keep in mind that handles are typically installed in pairs of two. You can install just one handle or ring on your door, but we cannot accept partial returns, so you may have an extra handle or door ring if you decide to use only one.

Hinges typically are placed in one of the four corners of a door or below a glass window section if your door has glass, and if there is room for the hinge, so it does not interfere with the operation of the door.

Pull handles or door rings are typically installed in the second section, commonly known as the "#2 section," up from the ground, and are often referred to as the lock section.

  1. After installing the tape in the desired locations, go back 15-20 yards or towards the sidewalk to see what it looks like. This view is often referred to as the "Curb Appeal" view. Suppose you are unhappy with the locations; you can move the tape to another and review. Once a position is selected, take a photo if you are hiring your installation done or interrupted while installing. This method helps you avoid drilling unwanted holes in your door.

Discount for larger orders or ten or more sets of hardware.

We do offer discounts for larger orders of sets or pallets of hardware. These orders are typically for builders' development, professional door installers, and more significant purchases such as a townhome or trac housing development. Our products are priced competitively for other orders. Suppose you are looking to order ten or more hardware sets, approx. Eighty hinges and forty handles, You must contact us before ordering for possible discounts. We cannot discount placed or previously shipped orders.

Customer is responsible: 

The customer, shopper, purchaser, or installer/user is responsible for any damages, injuries, or claims resulting from purchasing or using this product. This product is for decorative use only. It should never be used to secure, open, or close any door, structure, garage door, passage, service, shed, barn, doors, or other application. Please check with your door manufacturer's warranty before drilling any surface.

Customers should never make any adjustments to interior door hardware, including springs, inside hinges, cables, or brackets on the inside of your door, as doing so could cause serious injuries. In addition, decorative hardware sold here is never to be used for working hardware or as a replacement for working hardware. Finally, don't hesitate to contact a professional door installer if you are uncomfortable using a handheld screwdriver or drill. They can be located by contacting us at under your garage door manufacturer's website.