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Rustic 10-1/2" Series Solid Aluminum Square End Pull Handle Set

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Our Rustic 10-1/2" Handle set features a solid aluminum body with rustic detailing. Sold as a pair with color-matched powder-coated stained steel fasteners and FREE SHIPPING! It can be used on any application for decorative pull handles. Available in five powder-coded color finishes. These handles are solid, sturdy for years of enjoyment, and great for a coastal environment. These are some of the finest solid aluminum handles on the market.

Measurements: (Per Handle)

Solid Aluminum Base:1-5/8" wide.  Elevation off the door handle: 2-1/2" Overall Length:10-1/2"

These are not the same handles sold at some Big Box retailers. Those are iron handles painted with sheet metal screws that will leave rust streaks down your door in a short period.

A color ring of metal color finishes is available for sale elsewhere on this site for anyone wanting to see custom finishes in natural light. 

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