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Iron Series Decorative 16" Strap Hinges and Spear End Pull Handle Set

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This Iron Set includes (4) 16” Solid Iron Series Strap Hinges and (2) 10" Solid Spear End Iron Pull Handles decorative garage door hardware set. All hardware includes stainless steel color-matched powder-coated fasteners & FREE SHIPPING! Available in five powder-coded color finishes for an additional cost.

A color ring of metal color finishes is available for anyone wanting to see custom finishes in natural light. 

Measurements: ( per each hinge or handle)

Hinge: Thickness: 1/4".  Square End Width: 2 3/8”. Spear End Width: 2". Overall length 16".

Handle: Top spear 2" wide. Elevation off the door face: 1-1/2". Overall length 10".

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