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Iron Series 16" Strap Hinges and Loin Head Knocker Set

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This Iron Set includes (4) 16” Solid Iron Series Strap Hinges, and (2) Solid Loin Head Knocker decorative garage door hardware set for any overhead door, shed, or gate. All hardware sold includes stainless steel color-matched powder-coated fasteners & FREE SHIPPING!

Measurements:  Each hinge measurements: Hinge Thickness: 1/4".  Square End Width: 2 3/8”. Spear End Width: 2". Overall length 16". The Loin Head measures: Ring 4" in width. The total length is 7" for an overall size of 4"x7"

If installing on metal garage doors, adding adhesive to the back side of the hardware is recommended. Due to shipping restrictions, we cannot ship out adhesive but recommend Loctite Exterior Construction Adhesive sold at most hardware stores. You will only need a small amount, but please ensure it is for exterior use only.

Available in five powder-coded color finishes. A color ring of metal color finishes is available for anyone wanting to see custom finishes in natural light.

Restrictions apply. We reserve the right to changes without notice. FREE SHIPPING!