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16" Rustic Series Strap Hinges with Butt Pin, Solid Aluminum

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A pair of two 16" Rustic Series strap hinges with molded butt pin-solid aluminum offer more detail than most decorative hardware strap hinges. All hardware sold on our website is shipped with color-matched stainless steel fasteners and FREE SHIPPING! 

Optional colors available.

Detailed edging, thicker products, and five custom finishes are only a few of the great features of this hinge. This hardware is often used for accenting entry doors, sheds, barn doors, etc. 

MEASUREMENTS: Hinge: Solid Aluminum w/ Center Butt Pin. Wide End: 2-5/8" in Width. Spear End: 2" Wide. Overall installed length: 16"

A color ring of actual metal color finishes is available for anyone wanting to see color samples before ordering a product in natural lighting.

We reserve the right to change without notice.