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Garage Door Hardware Direct Inc.

Decorative Door Hardware for any garage, overhead door, shed, gate or barn.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. All hardware is shipped via, "Free Shipping" to all states within the continental United States. We do not ship any International Orders including CANADA. All approved return orders are subjected to a 20% restock charge with $6.75 minimum charge. See Terms & Conditions for more detail.

2. All hardware is for decorative use only and does not provide security or a method of opening, closing or securing in any application nor is it designed to meet any building or safety codes. Contact your door's manufacturer for details on working door hardware.

3. Color Options: We offer five powder coated color finishing options on most hardware. These products may incur extended lead-times. We do not, "Hold" products not paid for. All products are sold and processed on a "first paid, first out". Inventory listed on website can change by the minute since we have no idea who or what customers are going to place orders for. We may have an item in-stock now and be out-of-stock an hour later. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you want a product it's best to place & pay for your order immediately, do not wait. No order is considered complete until it is paid in full for. 

4. If you are unsure if the hardware you like will work on your door, contact us BEFORE ordering. We cannot accept returns on installed, missing packaging or damaged products and all hardware has restocking fees.

5. If you need installation help, you can visit for our door industry dealers. You can hire a local dealer to install your hardware if you choose to do so.  Customer assumes all responsibility to do so and we cannot recommend any particular dealer.

6. We offer discount on select items to Police, Military and Fire personnel. Thank you all for your service!  However, you must contact us before ordering. We cannot credit previously placed, discounted/clearance or previously paid orders.

7. What is powder coating? We powder coat our products to help resist weather. It's the same process your appliances go through. We also powder coat our stainless steel screw heads. This way, the finish does not come off the screw-heads as it does with painted sheet metal screws as sold by many big box retailers. Our fasteners are made exclusively for our products.

8. If installing Iron or Rustic Series Hardware and/or Hinges over 16" in length, you should add exterior grade adhesive (not supplied) to the back of your hardware IF installing on a metal door surface. The adhesive will help hold the hardware in place and help avoid it from becoming loose during the door operation-moving up and downward. We recommend Loctite brand adhesive sold at your local hardware store. Any installation is responsibility of the owner, installer or customer. 

Install Tips:

1. One tip to pass on is to take some blue painters tape in the size of your hardware and apply to your door before attaching your actual hardware.

 Cut the tape into lengths needed and apply.  Go back 15-20 yards or street to see what it looks like. This is often referred to as "Curb Appeal" or what your home may look like at a distance.   You can move it around and try different views. Blue painters tape works best for this.

Once you find the location that works best for your hardware, you can permanently install the hardware following attached install tips if needed.

2. ADDING ADHESIVE: If installing Iron or Rustic Series products or hinges over 16" in total length, you should add adhesive to the backside of the hardware to help hold it on to your door. Your doors movement can cause the hardware to work loose. Also, the weight of the product and the thin steel surface you are applying it into may cause it to loose without adhesive. We recommend Loctite brand adhesive sold in most hardware stores. Make sure it is designed for exterior use and the products you are attaching it to. You will only require a small amount of adhesive. Due to shipping and geographic restrictions, we cannot sell or ship adhesives.

Promote current deals

We do offer discount for larger orders of sets or pallet of hardware. These orders are typically for builders development, professional door installers and larger purchases. Our products are priced competitively for other orders. If your looking to order 10 or more sets of hardware; approx. 80 hinges and 40 handles, please contact before ordering for possible discounts.