Garage Door Jamb Wraps

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Have you ever noticed the boards on each side of your garage doors have either a gap on the bottom or are rotting due to the moisture from rain or snow?

We have a new product to help seal that area and keep unwanted mice, leaves, and debris out, called "Jamb Wraps." Jamb Wraps are made in the USA and are designed to fit over existing wood door jambs with width widths from 2" up to 10". They feature 
"bending points" allow you to fit your specific jamb width without tools or a metal cutting device. Jamb Wraps are designed to slide behind the door stop (the thin piece of wood, often with a piece of vinyl weather seal), bend it to the correct width, and nail it in place.

Garage Door Jamb Wraps are made from heavy 22 gauge powder-coated metal, available in four color finishes, including color-matching nails for fastening and FREE SHIPPING! They can be painted to match your home exterior trim and installed in minutes if needed.
Size: 4" Height. 11" Face Length. "1-5/8" Edge (For the outside edge only). Jambs wraps do require exterior caulking (not included) along the top of each install wrap to prevent water from running behind it. See details with any questions.

Jambs wraps require exterior caulking to be applied along the top of each install wrap. We do NOT supply any caulking due to shipping restrictions.