Americana Traditional Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit

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Americana Traditional Decorative Garage Door Hardware Kit includes, (4)-16"x 2" Embossed Stamped Steel Strap Hinges & (2)-11-1/4"x 2" Black Pull Handles with color-matched stainless steel fasteners & FREE SHIPPING! 

A color ring with actual finishes is available for purchase in our store.  If looking at a custom finish and you are unsure of the color, we do sell a decorative ring pull with actual metal color samples on our website for sale. 

Please note, the handles come in from three different manufacturers. The top spear end (the widest) width can vary from 1-1/2" to 2" depending on the vendor.  We will NOT send you mixed sets of handles. However, if you're trying to match up to an existing hardware set, please let us know when ordering.

We also offer this product in groups of 3 on this website. For orders of 5 or more, please contact us BEFORE ordering for POSSIBLE additional discounts.