Magnetic House Address Numbers for Garage Doors
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Magnetic House Numbers in embossed black finish 5" in height and 1/8" thickness.  Will attach to any metal sources-steel garage doors, entry doors, and steel, not aluminum siding. Up to 6 single digit numbers are included in the standard offering price.  If you need more than 6 numbers, you must order additional sets.  

House numbers are designed thin to work on steel doors or steel siding. Will not adhere to aluminum siding or aluminum products.  

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**ANY PRODUCT returns subjected to $6.25 restocking charge and must be in NEW CONDITION.  No returns without an approved return authorization.


List your numbers below in the order box using NO SPACES, COMMAS OR OTHER MARKS in the box.  If your ordering less than 6 numbers, select the discount to apply to your order quantity.  

If you need more than SIX (6) numbers, you must order additional sets in the QTY: Box before the shopping cart will accept your order. 


  • Item #: 2000-HNBL

Magnetic House Address Numbers for Garage Doors

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