Iron Series Carriage Door Knocker Kit -LIS Style -Assembly Set
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Carriage Knocker Kit - LIS Style - Black Iron Assembly Set. Includes stainless steel screws.  Sold as pair-two knockers with stops as shown.  6" distance is figured on the overall distance from the bottom of Knocker to top of stop IF STOP IS NOT PUT BEHIND THE KNOCKER.  LIS Door Knockers measure 3-7/8" wide x 4-7/8" in height PER KNOCKER and stands out 1-1/2" from the door face when installed.  Custom Colors are available for additional charges and returnable with an approved return and restocking charge of 25%.   Custom color lead-times can vary up to 2 weeks depending on inventory and powder coating -finishing schedule   


  • Item #: 600-001

Iron Series Carriage Door Knocker Kit -LIS Style -Assembly Set

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