8" Flat Magnetic Garage Door Handle Set
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8" x 2" Flat Magnetic Garage Door Handle Set features two magnetic handles with spear ends to match our 18" Hinge Set in black color.  For steel or metal doors only. These are FLAT rubber handles and not made from steel.   Handles thickness is 1/16" and designed to lay flat on your doors' surface.  They are designed to match our magnetic hinges-optional cost.  Requires no drilling and can be removed for cleaning of the door.  Set includes 2-8" handles in black finish. The exterior material is an embossed rubber with magnetic backer applied.  


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If your handles had been bent in shipping lay them out and place in the direct sunlight for an hour or so.

**Any returns are subjected to $5.00 restocking charge.

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8" Flat Magnetic Garage Door Handle Set

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