24" Decorative Americana Series Spear End Strap Hinge
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Size: (1)-24" Length x 3" Width x .075 Thickness. Decorative 24" Americana Series Spear End Strap Hinge. Includes stainless steel color matched screws.

All returns are subject to a 25% restock charge for new product return upon approved return.


Please measure the location where you plan on installing your hinge before ordering. You can cut paper or use painters tape to the same size of the hinge and apply to your door to see if it fits in your desired location.

This hinge will not fit most raised panel steel garage doors-(doors with square exterior panels) given its large size. The garage door industry standard for decorative hinges is 16" in length.

  • Item #: 300-71224

24" Decorative Americana Series Spear End Strap Hinge

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