16” Iron Series Strap Hinges with 8" Handles Set
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Decorative Garage door Hardware Kit includes: (4) 16” x 2" wide Iron Strap Hinges with an 8" Iron Handles Set. Handles non-working-decorative only and measure 2-1/4" wide x 7-3/4" height PER HANDLE SIDE and stands out 2-1/4" from the face of the door. Includes stainless steel screws with powder coated screw heads.   Black color standard. Custom colors optional and have a restocking charge upon approved return authorization.  All color finishes are powder coated for long lasting. This hardware is fully cast iron hardware and not stamped. Powdered coating resists both scratching and rusting.  Studs are optional and for hinges only, not the handle set.

  • Item #: 300-9002

16” Iron Series Strap Hinges with 8" Handles Set

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