16" Iron Series Pull Handle & Strap Hinge Hardware Set
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Iron Series Pull and Strap Hardware Set.  Complete set of 4-16"x 2"x 1/4" thick Strap Hinges and 2-7"x 1-1/2" Iron Black Pull Handles-LIS or Spear End-depending what is in stock-for a single car door.  Two car doors-over 16' wide require two sets. Stainless steel screws are included.  Black finish is standard.  Custom colors are available for additional charges.  Handles stand out 1-5/8" from the door face when installed.  Custom colors are non-returnable. If you want our 10" Spear-End Handles versus the 7" LIS or Spear End Handles-depends which ones we have in stock, we normally ship with this set, click on the Size option listed below.

If you have a two-car door most customers will order 2 sets to cover the wider area of the door and get the same look as hardware attached to a single car door. 

 Door studs can be ordered as an option for attaching hinges to your door versus using screws.

If you order the door stud option you must order the same number of studs sets as hardware sets ordered or your order will be delayed.

  • Item #: 300-7000IR

16" Iron Series Pull Handle & Strap Hinge Hardware Set

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