16" Iron Decorative Fleur de Lis End Hinge Set
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16" Decorative Hinge Fleur de Lis End-Iron Set.  Each hinge measures: 16" x 4"-wide end x 2-3/8"-narrow end x 1/4" thick. 4 hinges per set. If you have a raised panel steel door- the door with large square boxes on the face, you need 4" wide space for your hinge to fit onto your door without covering the raised panel portions of your door.  This hinge style will Not fit most raised steel panel doors unless they have 4" of space above or below the raised panel area.  Order Spear end hinges in Iron as an option.  Includes color matched stainless steel screws. Black color standard.   Available in five custom finishes. Custom colors have a restocking charge.  We offer color key ring for sale with actual color samples.


Door studs can be ordered as an option for attaching hardware to your door versus using screws.  Below you can select studs based on the number of hardware sets ordered.  If you require more than what is listed, contact us for special pricing.



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16" Iron Decorative Fleur de Lis End Hinge Set

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