10' Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold Kit with Adhesive
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More durable than door mounted weatherstripping, our floor mounted, precision engineered vinyl Garage Door Threshold Seal provides a tight, long lasting barrier between your garage door bottom and floor. The weight of the garage door presses down on the threshold seal, filling the gap and preventing dirt, leaves, water, and critters from getting under the door and into your garage. This Garage Door Threshold Seal performs from -40° to +140° F and is resistant to gasoline and oil. The Garage Door Threshold Seal installs easily  (when the air temperature is above 50° F for 24 hours) with adhesive included. UV stabilized. No air shipment. Not for painted or finished Floors. Includes both instructions and adhesive.

Sold in 10', 16' or 18' lengths.   All orders include adhesive for the required length.

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10' Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold Kit with Adhesive

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