Americana MAGNETIC Hardware Set
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Americana MAGNETIC Hardware Set.  Includes (4) 16" Americana Spear End Magnetic Hinges and (2) 12" Americana Spear End Pull Handles.  

Handles measure 12" x 2" at the widest point and stand out 1-1/2" from finish steel door surface. 

All pieces are held to your door with magnets.  Made with ABS Plastic, solid black finish.  

For Steel Doors only.



Measurements:  Hinges: 16" overall.  Spear End Width: 2-1/2".  Other End: 2".


                           Handles: 12" overall.  Top Spear End Width: 2".  Bottom Spear Width: 1-3/4"

  • Item #: 900-501

Americana MAGNETIC Hardware Set

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